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About TPS


We develop and deploy our own proprietary, state of the art trading algorithms to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities across various dimensions:

I.e. products, time, volatility and supply & demand.

TPS Capital strengthens new and existing relationships with around the clock service. With our main focus including but not limited to OTC liquidity provision, market making, lending and borrowing across various asset classes.

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Technology Investing and Advisory


We proactively invest in tomorrow’s future by assisting early stage disruptive projects that we believe will make an impact by leveraging our global network and expertise.


Most companies do not fit into a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We assist your project by referencing the success and failures of past business cases to identify the appropriate business strategy that acknowledges any potential pain-points before they arise.

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Mining Advisory and Strategy

TPS offers strategic corporate structuring and planning solution. We help you manage risk and help harness profit from uncertainty through various hedging methods to optimise yield and protect your downside.

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